4.8.3 Batch Processing with Summary Report in External Excel File

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This tutorial is associated with the Sample Origin Project: \\Samples\Batch Processing\Summary Report in External Excel File.opj

Minimum Origin Version Required: Origin 8.1 SR2

What you will learn

  • How to perform batch processing of multiple data files
  • How to send results to an external Excel file and save that file


  1. Make the 'Raw Data' Worksheet in the 'Book1' Workbook active.
  2. Select File : Batch Processing... from the menu or click the Batch Processing button Button Batch Processing.png on the Standard Toolbar.
  3. Select the Repeatedly Import into Active Analysis Template Window radio.
  4. Set Data Source as Import From Files.
  5. Check the Use Import Setting in Workbook check box.
  6. Click the ... browse button next to File List.
  7. Select All Files (*.*) in Files of Type and browse to Origin's \Samples\Batch Processing folder.
  8. Select all 10 .csv files in the folder, click Add File(s) then click OK.
  9. Dataset Identifier should be set to None.
  10. Data Sheet(s) should be set to 'Raw Data'. Note: 'Raw Data' is the first sheet of 'Analysis Template', it will be renamed as the file name of last import file by default if this template has already been used and re-saved.
  11. Result Sheet should be set to 'My Results'.
  12. Click the button to the right of the "Output Sheet" edit box. This will minimize the main dialog. Then click on the title bar of the Excel book (Book2), and press the button to the right of the scrolled up dialog to expand it again.
  13. Expand the Options branch and check the Clear Output Sheet on Start check box and enter 7 as the Starting Row of Output Sheet.
  14. Check the Append Label Rows check box.
  15. Click OK