6.6.1 2D Color Pie Chart of a Population Study

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This tutorial will show you how to create and customize a 2D Pie chart.

2D Pie Chart Tutorial.png

Minimum Origin Version Required: Origin 2020

What will you learn

This tutorial will show you how to

  • Create a 2D Color Pie chart
  • Customize the Pie chart with mini toolbar and Plot Details dialog


  1. Create a new worksheet paste the sample data shown here.
    2D Pie Chart Worksheet.png
  2. Highlight column B and choose the menu Plot > Basic 2D: 2D Color Pie Chart to plot a 2D pie chart .
    2D Pie Chart Graph1.png
  3. Right click on the Legend and press Delete key to delete the legend box.

Quick Customization with Mini Toolbar

  1. Click on the pie plot, and in the pop-up mini toolbar, click Fill Color button to expand the Color Chooser to select the color list "D02 Maple" in the By Points tab.
    2D Pie Chart Graph2.png
  2. The color list you selected below will be applied to the slices directly. With the mini toolbar still pop-upped, click the Show Data Labels button to select Categories in the drop-down list.
    2D Pie Chart Graph3.png
  3. Now both the percentages and categories are shown as labels for pie slices. Click any withe space to exit the mini toolbar of whole pie plot.
  4. Click on the slice "Hispanic" twice to select this slice separately, and in the pop-up mini toolbar, click the Explode button to explode this slice from the whole pie.
    2D Pie Chart Graph4.png

Further Customization with Plot Details

  1. Double-Click on the pie plot to open the Plot Details dialog. With the plot been selected, go to the Pattern tab, set Border Color to None and Transparency to 20. Click Apply button to apply the settings
    2D Pie Chart Graph5.png
  2. Go to the Pie Geometry tab, in the Rotation control, set Starting Azimuth(deg) to 75 and check the Counter Clockwise check box.
    2D Pie Chart Graph6.png
    Please note, you can also use the Rotation Clockwise button Popup Rotate Clockwise.png and Rotation Count-Clockwise button Popup Rotate Counterclockwise.png in the mini toolbar(see the screenshot in step 5) to rotate the pie chart step-by-step. Each click will rotate the pie chart in 10 degrees.
  3. Go to the Labels tab, under the Leader Lines group, set Connect to 2-Seg Polyline and the percent to 50.
    2D Pie Chart Graph7.png
  4. Click OK button to close the dialog. Drag the labels farther to avoid overlapping. Add a title on the graph to get the finally graph as below:
    2D Pie Chart Tutorial.png

Sample Data

Open a fresh worksheet and either click this link (http://www.originlab.com/ftp/graph_gallery/data/2D_Pie_Chart.txt) and copy the data from your browser page; or select the data in the table below and copy.

Click on the empty data cell in row 1, column A(X) and paste the copied data.

A(X) B(Y) C(Y)
Hispanic 45.4 1
White 35.7 18
African American 9.3 19
American Indian 0.4 20
Asian/Pacific 8.9 24
Other 0.3 18