5.31 FAQ-722 The icons in Origin are really small. What can I do?

Last Update: 5/18/2023

Origin keeps improving the icons displayment in the recent versions. Please try Origin 2023b and later so Origin will auto-rescal icons for different sceen sizes.

If you are not using the latest Origin version and running Origin on a computer with high resolution (resolution > 1080 in height direction and Scale > 1.25), 2560*1440 for example, you will find the icons and text are too small.

To fix it

Please upgrade your Origin to version 2023b and later.

If icons still small after upgrading, please try

  1. Select View: Toolbar to open the Customize dialog.
  2. Activate Options tab. Make sure Icon Size is set to Auto detect by screen size.
  3. Check the Scale Icons (% by @TIZ) checkbox.
    Small Icons on High Resolution.png
  4. Restart Origin to take effect.
  5. If icons and text still small after above solution, set system variable @TIZ to a value larger than 150, e.g. 180. Refer to this FAQ of how to change a system variable value.

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