2.128 FAQ-1137 How to insert image to a cell note

Origin supports insert image to cell notes including column label cells since Origin 2022b.

Inserting an Image to a Cell Note

  1. Click the cell that you want to insert a note and then choose Insert Note from mini toolbar.
  2. Right-click the note and choose Edit Row Text in Notes Window.
  3. In the note window, right-click and choose Insert->Image from Files... to select your image.
  4. After inserting the image link, Use Crtl+m to view the image in the note window. If you want the image to fit in the note, right-click the note and choose Resize to Fit All.
Image to note.gif

Common Problem:
When inserting image file, by default absolute file path is used, e.g. \img(file://"C:/Users/Smith/Documents/files/IMG/image.png",w=200). When sharing the project with others, they may not see the image in cell note since such file path may not exist on their PC.

To solve this problem, put the image in same folder or subfolder of the project file and replace the project path with string register %x. E.g. the image file is put under IMG subfolder of project file. Change the image link to \img(file://"%xIMG/image.png",w=200) so it's a relative path. Then as long as the image file is shared together with project file with same relative location, the image can be viewed in cell note.

For more information, see these topics:

Last Update: 6/1/2022

Minimum Origin Version Required: Origin 2022b

Keywords:image, cell note, project path, relative path, absolute path