2.131 FAQ-1155 How to import multiple files to a sheet and separate each file with an empty column?

Last Update: 11/4/2022

This should work for any of Origin's X-Function import routines (Data: Import From File) as long as the dialog has a Scripts node (impASC is pictured).

FAQ-1155 Figure 1.png
  1. Choose your import routine under Data: Import From File.
  2. Be sure that for Multi-File Import you specify Start New Columns for each imported file.
  3. Expand the Scripts node and in the Script after Each File Imported box, enter the following:
    @ISE =  1;
    wks.ncols+ = 1;
  4. In the Script after All Files Imported box, enter the following:
    @ISE = 0;
    (this will set system variable @ISE back to its default value).
  5. When you've set other import options as needed, click OK on the dialog. This should import each file into the same sheet, with each file's data being separated by an empty worksheet column.