6.86 FAQ-1105 How do I generate a log file?

Last Update: 5/26/2021

Origin generates a log file that can be helpful in diagnosing software and licensing issues. If you are asked by an OriginLab Customer Care or Technical Support representative to generate a log file, you can use the following procedure:

  1. Start Origin.
  2. In the Script Window (Window: Script Window), type the following and press ENTER:
  3. @log=1
  4. Close Origin, then restart to start generating the log file.
  5. Repeat the steps that were previously seen to produce an error message.
  6. Logging will automatically turn off after 3 sessions. Locate the log file -- named as ORIGIN_LOG_###.TXT and saved to your User Files Folder (Help: Open Folder: User Files Folder).
  7. Attach the log file to existing support ticket. If you don't have a support ticket, create one here.

In Origin 2019 and earlier versions

  1. Open the Script Window (Window: Script Window) and type the following (press ENTER to run):
    debug_log 2
    This will start logging and return log file location to the Script Window.
  2. To turn off logging, run the script:
  3. debug_log 0
  4. To see log status and debug log file name and location, run:
  5. debug_log
  6. Send us the log file as instructed in step #6, above.

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