2.106 FAQ-1009 How to extract unmasked data to a new worksheet?

Last Update: 5/14/2019

When you apply a mask to data points in a graph, the masked data are hidden or shown in the graph (user's choice) and are highlighted in a contrasting color in the worksheet.

FAQ1009 masked data in wks and graph.png

While the masked points can be hidden in the graph, they are never hidden in the worksheet and if you were to select the worksheet then copy and paste your selection to a new sheet, you would find that the masked data were also copied.

If you want an easy way to output only the unmasked data:

  1. Start by using the Data Highlighter tool Button Data Highlighter.png to select all data in the graph (masked or unmasked, it doesn't matter). Only the data that are unmasked will be selected.
  2. You can then select the entire worksheet, copy, then paste to a new sheet. Only the unmasked data will be copied to your new sheet.

Keywords:data highlighter, copy data, copy rows, mask