1.185 FAQ-879 How to start the leader line from the center of symbol?

Last Update: 7/23/2018

The leader line connecting the symbol and its label starts from symbol edge by default. And there is a gap between line and the symbol edge. If you want to start the leader line from the center of symbol, you can

  1. Add another symbol plot from the same source data (by the Layer Content dialog or Plot Setup dialog).
  2. Set the symbol size of the new plot to 0 (by Plot Details dialog -> Symbol tab).
  3. Enable on label for the new plot and turn on leader lines (by Plot Details dialog -> Label tab).
  4. Run
    set %c -gtl 0;
    in the Command window to set the gap between leader line and symbol to 0.

The Labtalk above can only take effect on the active plot. As the two plots are plotted from the same data, if the symbol plot is not the 1st plot on graph, it can not be set as active plot and the labtalk script won't work.

See here for details
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