1.199 FAQ-928 Why special characters in 2017 becomes gibberish in Japanese/Chinese Origin 2018 or Latter Versions?

Last Update: 10/11/2019

Sometimes in Japanese or Chinese operation,if an OPJ is created in Origin 2017, special characters like Mu(μ), degree(°), etc. became gibberish in 2018.

It is because the special characters, inserted in Origin 2017 with symbol map, are extended ASCII characters, which can not be correctly handled in 2018 Unicode mechanism in Japanese or Chinese code page.

The problem can be seen in Japanese/Chinese code page even in Origin 2017 if the font is changed from Arial to a Japanese/Chinese font.

We strongly suggest user use Unicode character in Origin 2018 and later versions to avoid such gibberish problem.

To convert the special characters to Unicode characters
  • Choose menu Window: Command Window to open the Command Window if it is not opened yet.
  • Type scipt below in the Command Window and press ENTER to run it.
  • Load the OPJ in Origin 2018 or later version. Special characters in it will be converted to Unicode characters automatically.
  • Save the OPJ as OPJU file
  • Type scipt below in the Command Window and press ENTER to restore default setting.
To use Unicode characters for special characters
Look at the FAQ: How Do I Insert Special Characters into Text Labels?

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