1.148 FAQ-772 How do I create 3D Waterfall with line and scatter?

Last Update: 3/17/2024

By default the 3D waterfall graphs is with line plots. To create a 3D Water fall graph with line and scatter,

  1. Choose menu Plot> 3D: 3D Waterfall (or Y Color Mapped 3D Waterfall or Z Color Mapped 3D Waterfall) to create a 3D waterfall graph
  2. Double click on the plot to open the Plot Details dialog
  3. Choose the Symbol tab, select a non-zero value from the Size drop-down list.

Even though data points are few, you can still have your 3D waterfall graph to have smooth lines by changing Connect to be Spline ect in the Line tab of Plot Details dialog

Keywords:3D Waterfall, line, scatter