2.96 FAQ-969 What’s the difference between "Save Import setting to Sheet" and "save to <sheet>" in the import dialog?

Last Update: 9/19/2018

You may notice that there are two similar options in the Dialog Theme fly-out menu to save your import settings to sheet, When importing data using the import dialog. For example, when you import an ASCII file by ImpASC dialog and click the triangle button to the right of Dialog Theme, you will find these two menu items:

  • Save Import setting to Sheet
  • Save to <sheet>

What’s the difference between these two?

“Save to <sheet>” saves your import settings to a X-Function dialog theme, which can be re-loaded when you use this X-Function to import. However, if you don’t use X-Function, for example, drag-n-drop a data file to import, the settings cannot be used.

On the other hand, “Save Import setting to Sheet” is introduced to cover this shortfall. It saves the import settings to a page filter which can be auto used when drag-n-drop a file to the workbook window.

Keywords:save import settings, drag and drop