1.82 FAQ-212 Inserting Origin Data Plot Symbols in Other Applications

Last Update: 2/4/2015

Origin installs a True Type font set called Origin into the Windows \FONTS folder. This font set includes the data plot symbols available from the symbol gallery on the Symbol tab of the Plot Details dialog box, and the line styles available from the Style drop-down list on the Line tab of the Plot Details dialog box.

The legend of the graph will display the data plot information. You can also use the Origin font, in other graph annotations (any text label). While in in-place edit mode, you can right-click and choose Symbol Map from the context menu. Select the Origin font and then insert one or more symbols.

You can include Origin's symbols and line styles in other applications. For example, when you select Insert: Symbol in Microsoft Word, the Origin font set is available from the Font drop-down list.

Origin.ttf file is available in the Origin root folder (in the folder with Origin EXE). If the Origin font is not installed automatically. You can double click to open the Origin.ttf file with Windows Font Viewer, and then click the Install button to install the font in your Windows

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