1.175 FAQ-843 Can I save F(x)= label row formulas with an OGG file or graph that I paste to MS Word?

Last Update: 1/4/2019

You can store a lot of supporting information in an Origin workbook and at least a portion of this data becomes part of any graph that is made from that workbook data. In an effort to reduce file sizes, some workbook information is excluded (e.g F(x)= column label row formulas, user-defined variables saved on data file import, etc.) when saving graphs as OGG files or when doing an Edit: Copy Page (or CTRL+C) and pasting the graph into your office application as an OLE-editable graph object.

If you want to save all worksheet information with an OGG file or embedded Origin graph, then you should set the "@sow" LabTalk system variable to 1 (default=0 minimizes file size).

To save all workbook data in the current Origin session only, open the Script Window (Window: Script Window), type the following, then press Enter:


Subsequently, any graph saved as an OGG or inserted into another application as an OLE object in the current session, will contain all workbook data.

To always save all workbook data with the graph, click Preferences: System Variables and in the Set System Variables dialog, set sow to 1.

Keywords:copy page, OLE, F(x), worksheet header, in-place edit, embed, metadata

Minimum Origin Version Required: 2016 SR0