1.188 FAQ-885 What should I do if I stuck in the zooming-and-panning mode?

Last Update: 1/4/2019

If you find yourself stuck in the zooming-n-panning mode and cannot turn the cursor to the regular mode by clicking the pointer button Button Pointer.png on the Tools toolbar, try the following solutions

  • Suggestion 1:
    Press X/Y/Z/A/Shift+A/Space key several times. See if it releases the zoom-n-pan mode.

Sometimes you may keep pressing a key on the keyboard unconsciously. For example, pressing A key will focus the cursor stuck in the panning mode.

If it is not the case or you cannot escape the zoom-n-pan mode after trying suggestion 1, try the following:

  • Suggestion 2:
  1. Select Preferences: System Variables... to open the Set System Variables dialog.
  2. Set SHS to 0 and STSM to 2 to turn OFF the Smart Hint.
  3. Restart Origin. Check whether the problem goes.

As a matter of fact, We cannot define the actual cause of this problem so far and don't have a clear fix yet. However, it might be caused by the conflict with the smart hint in some cases.

'If it cannot correct the issue, try the following:

  • Suggestion 3:
    Restart the computer. Or,
    Minimize Origin and use other application(e.g. Excel for an hour or so) then go back to Origin to see if the problem goes. Or,
    Close and restart Origin multiple times, see if the issue goes.

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