1.71 FAQ-198 How to display negative radius points in a polar plot

Last Update: 10/17/2016

In some cases, radius values of points in a polar plot may be negative, e.g. dB value in radiation pattern. The negative radius points could be shown in opposite quadrant by the steps below:

  1. Double click on the polar plot, select the layer branch for the polar plot on the left panel of the Plot Details dialog. Click on the Display tab, make sure to select the Show Negative Radius Points in Opposite Quadrant check box in the Polar Plots group. Click OK to close the Plot Details dialog.
  2. Double click on one radial axis to open the Axis dialog, select Radial Axes, go to the Scale tab, make sure Center at Zero is selected. Click OK to close the Axis dialog.
  3. If the graph is not shown in a proper scale range, click the Rescale Button Rescale.png button to automatically re-scale it to a suitable range.

Keywords:negative radius, polar plot, radiation pattern, dB

Minimum Origin Version Required: 2017 SR0