3.125 FAQ-721 How can I classify data into groups and colormap them from the graph directly?

Last Update: 9/25/2017

It is easier for some kind of data to be classified from graph. To classify data points and colormap them from the graph directly,

  1. With the graph window active, select Gadgets: Cluster to put a Region of Interest(ROI) box to the graph and bring up he Cluster Gadget dialog.
  2. Move and adjust the ROI box to circle the cluster of data points that should be the some group. Click the Create Categories button Button Create Categories.png on the Cluster Gadget dialog to open the Create Categorical Value dialog. Give the group column a name in Category Group Name and enter the the identifier value in Category.
  3. To colormap data points with the group column, check the Color Data by Category check box.
  4. Click OK. The group column will be added to the source worksheet and the points inside ROI are tagged with the Category value. And the data points will use the group column value as color index. (You can check the color setting by double clicking on the plot to open the Plot Details dialog.)
  5. Repeat step 2 until all data points are classified into different groups (identified by different Category values).

For details, please refer to this tutorial.

Keywords:colormap data point, cluster data points, classify data

Minimum Origin Version Required: 2018 SR0