1.127 FAQ-714 How can I group layers?

Last Update: 5/13/2018

You can treat linked layers as a group to move and re-size all layers at the same time when you update any one of the layers(child or parent) in the group. While linking layers can only track changes of the parent layer.

LM qh rearrange.png

Suppose you have a nine-panel graph,in which all layers are unlink. Follow the steps to do the customization.

  1. Activate the graph, click Graph: Layer Management.
  2. First we link preferable layers as a group. Select Layer2, Layer4 and Layer5 in Layer Selection Panel, go to Link tab and Set Link To as 1. Click Apply.
  3. Next we arrange all layers into a desired layout. Select all layers in Layer Selection Panel and go to Arrange tab, select the Treat Linked Layers as a Group checkbox and Customize the layout as 3 Rows, 2 Columns. Make sure the checkbox of Show Axes Frame is unchecked. Click Apply then OK to close the dialog. The grouped layers will be arranged into one panel.

LM qh dia.png

Keywords:Layer Arrangement, Multi-layer