1.190 FAQ-890 How to add a "missing" contour label at a specific location

Last Update: 3/10/2021

Changing contour axis scales or boundaries may cause problems with display of contour labels within the newly-defined scale range. You can do a couple of things:

To manually add contour labels at specific locations in the graph

In this graph, 300-level label does not appear with the scale that we specified. To add this "missing" contour label for the 300 level:

Add Contour Label 01.png
  1. For versions 2021 and earlier, click three times on the 300 level contour to select the line. In 2021b and later, press CTRL + SHIFT and click on the 300 level contour line to select it.
  2. With the contour line selected, right-click where you want to add the label and from the shortcut menu choose Add Contour Label. Note that the new label can be dragged to adjust its position.
    Add Contour Label 02.png

To redraw all labels on the graph

You can also have Origin redraw labels within the newly-defined range.

prior to Origin 2020

  1. Double click on the contour plot to open the Plot Details dialog. On the Colormap/Contours tab, click the Labels column heading to open the Contour Labels dialog.
  2. Select the Hide All radio box (if you check Show on Major Levels Only, uncheck it first). Click OK to return to Plot Details.
  3. Click Apply, then open Contour Labels again.
  4. Check the Show on Major Levels Only box and click OK twice to close Plot Details.

version 2020 and later

  1. Click once on the contour plot to display the contour plot Mini Toolbar and toggle the Show Contour labels button Button MT add label.png off and back on.
  2. Alternately, click the Reposition Labels button Button MT Reposition Labels.png (requires Origin 2021b or later).

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