4.4.6 Freeze Rows Columns

The user can freeze the first 1 to 10 rows and/or columns in the worksheet, thus locking them in view while the remainder of the rows or columns remain scrollable. Locked row and column headers are shaded in a darker color to indicate freeze.

UG frozen rows cols.png
  1. Highlight a row or column, or a single cell between index row/column = 1 and 10, then do one of the following:
    • Choose View: Freeze/Unfreeze Panes.
    • Press Ctrl + Shift + F.
    • Select a row/column or a single cell and click the Mini Toolbar button Freeze Panes.
  2. To unfreeze rows or columns, click in upper left-most cell in the sheet and click the Unfreeze Panes button; or choose View: Freeze/Unfreeze Panes.
UG MT freeze unfreeze.png