The (Plot Details) Interior List Tab

This tab will be available for 2D plots when the symbol interior is defined with indexing, i.e. in the Symbol tab, the Custom Construction is chosen as Geometric, and the Interior drop-down is set as a data column or Increment.

The interior list can be customized by user.

Interior List Tab.png

Use custom increment list

This check box in unchecked by default, and in that case, the built-in increment list is used.

If this check box is selected, the Interiors list will show, and you can customize it.

Interiors List

You can customize, save and reload the shapes list, and more options are provided in the context menu.

When shape is indexed to a column of categorical data, categories are displayed beside each style in the Shapes list, making it easier to associate category and interior.

PD interior list categorical.png

Customize an Interior

For each row in the list, click the triangle button and select a built-in symbol interior.

Rearrange the interior list

You can move, add or delete selected row(s) in the interior list and flip the list, by the same methods you would use when rearranging the color list.

Save and Load Increment List

You can right click and choose the context menu to save or load an increment list, by the same methods you would use when you save and load an increment list.

Copy and Paste Increment List

To apply a custom color increment list to other plots, you can right-click on the list and select Copy. Then go to the Interior List tab of other plots, right-click on the list and select the Paste option.