The (Plot Details) Labels Tab

The (Plot Details) Labels tab provides controls for customizing the labels of the pie chart.

Labels tab.png


Specify the font for the labels for the pie's slices, including font color and font size.

Please notice that, if the font color has been set to Auto, the font color will follow a smart way:

  • Once the labels are located inside the wedges of pie/doughnut plot, the font color will be decided by the depth of current wedge color, set to White or Black.
  • Once you have placed the labels outside the wedges, the font color will follow the color of its wedge.

PD LabelsTab AutoFontColor.png

The rule of Auto is different in Mini Toolbar and Properties dialog of Text Objects. If the font color is set to Auto in above two place, the font color will follow the setting of Plot Details dialog.

Format group controls

Label Content

Specify what to show as labels.


Display the worksheet cell values as labels.


Display the percent of the total for each worksheet cell value.
When Show Combined as in Wedges tab has been selected, the second plot(Pie, Column or Doughnut) will added to show all combined wedges, and a drop-down list will show up for this control:

  • Select Total to show the actual percentage of the combined wedges on the first plot.
  • Select Individual to show sub-percentages on all combined wedges. All percentages in second plot is up to 100.

Display associated X values for each pie slice. If there is no associated X column, then row numbers display.

Custom Customize the display of the labels by entering a notation or selecting a notation from the fly-out list. When you select this box, all boxes above will be disable. And the Format controls below will also be disabled.

There are some specific notation for a pie chart.

*c: Categories
*v: Wedge Value
*p: Wedge Percentage
*rv: Radius Value           //not show if Increment Radius is not enabled
*rp: Radius Percentage //not show if Increment Radius is not enabled
*tv: Thickness Value      //not show if Increment Thickness is not enabled
*tp: Thickness Percentage //not show if Increment Thickness is not enabled

For the notations related to Radius and Thickness, you should first select a dataset for the Increment Radius and Increment Thickness option in the Pie Geometry Tab.

Label Format Control

Use the Format drop down list to set numeric format:†

  • Decimal:1000: 1, 1000, 1E6, 1E9
  • Scientific:10^3: 10^0, 10^3, 10^6, 10^9
  • Engineering:1k: 1.0, 1.0k, 1.0M, 1.0G
  • Decimal:1,000: 1, 1,000, 1E6, 1E9
  • Scientific:1E3: 1E0, 1E3, 1E6, 1E9

Decimal Places

Use the radio button in combination with the list box to specify decimal places.

Significant Digits

Use the radio button in combination with the list box to specify significant digits.

† The threshold for conversion to scientific notation is controlled on the Numeric Format tab of the Options dialog box (Preferences: Options).

Position group controls

When the Associate with Wedge check box is selected, the position of the pie slice labels can be adjusted in two directions: Radial Direction and Angular direction.

In the Radial Direction, you can position the labels outside the radius end, inside the radius end, to the center of radius or the pie edge.

And then, you can use Radial Offset to set the offset for the labels in the radial direction. The unit is the percentage of the radius.

In the Angular direction, you can position the labels at the begin, center or end of the arc of the slices.

Hide Label if Percentage Less than(%)

Enable this control to set a threshold percentage, and the labels for the wedges which have lower percentages than this threshold will be hidden.

Leader Line group controls

Independent Leader Line Choose this option to independently style one or more leader lines.
Show Leader Line if Offset Exceeds (%) Leader lines will show if the distance between data labels and data points exceeds Critical Length, defined as ...

Critical Length = Specified Percent Value (%) * (Layer Height + Layer Width)/2.

Note that if you intend to drag labels to reposition them on the graph, you must clear the Associate with Wedge check box.

Extend Leader Line into Wedges(%) Specify whether to extend the leader line into the wedges, and how long to be extend. The unit is percentage of the radius.
Connect Select Straight, 2-Segment Polyline or 3-Segment Polyline.
Style Select Solid, Dash, Dot, etc.
Width Line width is measured in points, where 1 point=1/72 inch.
Color Choose Auto (default, follows label color) or specify a color.