NLFit Dialog Theme

As with most of Origin's analysis dialog boxes, any settings that you choose in the NLFit dialog can be saved as a Theme file. To recall a particular group of settings, simply reload the dialog box Theme.

NLSF dialog DialogTheme.png

Near the top of the NLFit dialog, there is a Dialog Theme control. The current dialog Theme name is displayed in the text box to the right of Dialog Theme. If no text is displayed, no theme is in use. The triangle button to the right of the text box opens a short-cut menu, allowing you to save, load or delete dialog Themes or reset the dialog settings.

Save as <Default>

Save the current Theme as the default Theme for the NLFit dialog.


Save settings to the current Theme.

Save As...

Save the current Theme with another name. A dialog box opens allowing you to name the Theme Name and to pick components to be saved with the Theme.

Theme Setting...

Pick components to be saved with the Theme (same choices offered by Save As...). See details here.

System Default

Load the System Theme for the NLFit dialog box.


Delete the dialog box Theme.


Compare current settings to Theme Name settings.

<Last used>

Settings from the last performed analysis.

Note: Please read this page for more information on dialog box Themes.