5.4.2 Matrix Object Headers

Matrix objects' headers can be set in the Matrix Dimension and Labels dialog (Select Matrix: Dimension/Labels from the menu). The Z Headers tab is a table-like 2D grid that allows you to enter matrix headers like Long Name, Units, Comments, etc. These headers, such as Long Name, can be shown in matrix thumbnails or used as Z-axis labels in 3D plots.

Matrix Object Headers.png

When editing Matrix object labels, you can right-click on the cell and bring up the following options:

Apply Value to Right Apply the current value to all cells to the right.
Apply Value to Left Apply the current value to all cells to the left.
Show System Parameters Show all system parameters.
Add User-Defined Parameter Add a user-defined parameter.
Delete Delete a user-defined parameter.
Go to Active Object's Column Go to the column in this table that corresponds to the active matrix object.