25.6.3 Use The Mathworks MATLAB® as a client application

If you use MATLAB, you can now use Origin's Automation Server support to automatically generate publication-quality graphs using your MATLAB data. For example*, you can create a simple routine that performs the following tasks:

  • Connect to the Origin server application
  • Load a previously customized Origin Project file that includes a workbook and custom graph
  • Send MATLAB data to the worksheet, thereby automatically updating the custom graph
  • Rescale the graph
  • Copy the graph image to the system clipboard
MATLAB as Client 01.png
MATLAB as Client 02.png

Routines such as this are a great way to use Origin's project files as project templates. Once a project has been created to include a source workbook and custom graph, the project can be automatically updated and the result exported in the desired format without user intervention.

To try this example in Origin, follow the instructions in the file called "CreatePlotInOrigin.m" located in \Samples\COM Server and Client\MATLAB.

  • Note: MATLAB must be installed on your computer. .