29.7.7 Inset Plot

Inset Plot Ex.png

An inset plot is a layer which is added to an existing layer in a graph window. The dimensions of the inset layer are reduced so that the "host" layer remains at least partially visible in the graph window.

Creating the Graph

There are two ways to create an inset plot

  • Add an inset layer to a 2D graph, to do this:
  1. Activate the graph window with the parent layer
  2. Click either the Add Inset Graph button Button Add Inset Graph Empty.png or the Add Inset Plot with Data button Button Add Inset Graph With Data.png in the Graph toolbar.


  • Copy and paste another graph layer into the parent layer as the inset layer, to do this:
  1. Make two separate graph windows of parent layer and inset layer
  2. Activate the graph window of the inset layer, click on any white space of the layer (i.e. somewhere within the axes frame but does not have any data plot) to select the layer. (You will see anchor points surrounding the axes frame if the layer is selected)
  3. While the layer is selected, choose Edit: Copy or Ctrl + C to copy the inset layer.
  4. Activate the graph window of the parent layer and press Ctrl + V to paste the inset layer to parent layer. You can select the inset layer in the new graph again and use the anchor points to move/resize the inset layer.


The parent-inset layer linking, position and/or size could be changed in the Layer Management dialog.

The parent layer and inset layer can be customized separately in the Plot Details dialog.