28.1.20 The Import Toolbar

Import Toolbar.png

The Import Toolbar buttons provide quick access to importing files.

Button Import Wizard.png

Opens the Import Wizard.

Button Import Single ASCII.png

Opens the CSV Import Options dialog box (TXT, CSV, DAT).

Button Import Multiple ASCII.png

Opens the Import Multiple ASCII dialog box (TXT, DAT, CSV, *.*).

Button Import Excel.png

Opens the Excel Import Options dialog box (XLS, XLSX, XLSM).

Button Re-import no Dialog.png

Using worksheet's latest import setting and file path to import the same data again, without asking.

Button Re-import with Dialog.png

Show latest import settings and file path in corresponding dialog to import again.

Button Clone Import.png

Using worksheet's latest import setting to import new files into new worksheets.

Button Batch Processing.png

Open a dialog to choose files for batch processing.

Button import all connected data.png

Import all connected data.

Button connect to data from web.png

Import an online third party data file using data connector.

Button connect multiple files.png

Connect multiple data files to a Data Connector