With RGB values, a graphical representation of an image's tonal ranges (from pure black to pure white) will show that the black and white points represent different colors in different channels.

For instance: in the red channel, a black point will represent cyan whereas a white point represents red. Likewise, in a green channel, a black point represents magenta and a white point represents green. And lastly, in a blue channel, a black point represents yellow with a white point representing blue.

In the imgBalanceX-Function, we can adjust the coordinates of the color level in all channels (R, G & B) to modify the image color. This helps to remove color with excessive amount so as to adjust overall color mixture. To use the imgBalance function,

select Image: Adjustments: Balance from the Origin menu.

For more specific information on this function, see documentation provided for the X-Function imgBalance in the Origin X-Function reference file. This can be accessed from the Command Window by typing

help imgBalance