29.9.28 Hierarchical Edge Bundling Diagram

Hierarchical Edge Bundling 01.png

Data Requirements

Select at least 4 columns in a worksheet: From, To, and Leaves Nodes(Optional) columns define the connection between leaves. Child, Parent columns define the hierarchical structure.

Creating the Graph

  1. Select required data.
  2. From the menu, select Plot > Categorical: Hierarchical Edge Bundling.


EdgeBundling.otpu (installed to the EXE folder of Origin)


Hierarchical Edge Bundling helps you to visualize adjacency relations between leaf nodes organized in a hierarchy with parent nodes. It will bundle the adjacency leaf nodes together to reduces visual clutter.

Once you have created a Hierarchical Edge Bundling diagram, you can

  • Control how to show the connect lines
  • Show bubbles for leaves and control the display format
  • Select a grouping column as Subset to group the leaves together and show nodes for the groups if needed

To know the parts of a Hierarchical Edge Bundling diagram,

Hierarchical Edge Bundling 02.png

For information on the customizing a Hierarchical Edge Bundling diagram, see these topics:

  • Once you checked Bubbles for Leaves in Layout tab, the Symbol tab will show to let you customize the bubbles of leaves.
  • Once you checked Nodes for Subset in Layout tab, the Node tab will show to let you customize the nodes of subsets.

Different Highlight Modes

Once you created a Hierarchical Edge Bundling diagram, you can click the graph layer and then click the mini toolbar Popup Edge Bundling.png to open the Highlight Mode dialog to define how to highlight the plot elements when you click on the leaf symbol or label.

Hierarchical Edge Bundling 03.png

Highlight Mode

Specify the highlight mode to highlight the related plot elments when you click the leaf symbol or label.

  • Fade Out Others: Only fade out the other flows.
  • Different Colors for Import and Export: Show different colors for import and export flows. Once you selected this mode, you can further customize the line color and label color.

Further Controls for "Different Colors for Import and Export" Mode

Import Line Color

Specify the line color for the import flow on current leaf.

Export Line Color

Specify the line color for the export flow on current leaf.

Label Color of Selected Point

Specify the label color for current selected leaf/point.

Same Color for Labels

Specify whether use same color for the labels of "import from" and "export to" leaves/points.

Fade Out Others

Fade out other flows which are not related with current point/leaf.

Note: Besides this special highlight mechanism for leaves, you can alos click on other plot elements for general highlighting:
  • Click a line, highlight the input and output node, including symbol, group node, labels.
  • Click a group node, highlight the links relate to this node, like chord plot.