11.10 The Intersect Gadget

Use the Intersect gadget to calculate the intersection points of the input curves in the ROI. This gadgt is available in the Gadgets menu when a graph window is active.

Curve Intersection 001.png


Shape Position Specify the range on X direction using X1 and X2 values and the range on Y direction using Y1 and Y2 values.
Show Tool Name Specify whether to show the tool name at the top of the rectangle in the graph. The tool name can be specified in Preferences.
Fill Color Specify the color of the rectangle that attaches to the graph. See the list of colors.


Intersection Display

Specify how to display the intersection points.

Intersection Marker

Select to mark the intersection with symbols. Color, shape and size of symbols can be customized.

Intersection Label

Check this check box to add labels for the intersections.

Color Specify the color of label text
Size Specify the size of label text
Type Indicate type of label (e.g., X, Y, or (X,Y))

Interpolation Settings

Interpolation Method Specify the interpolation method for the input curves. For more information about these three methods, please refer to the Interpolate Extrapolate Help page.
Sampling Points Specify the number of data points to interpolate.

Output To

Script Window Check this box to output results to the Script Window.
Result Worksheet Name Specify the output result worksheet:
  • When you generate new output, results are output to [%H-Intersect]Result by default (here %H means the Short Name of source graph), but other books and sheets can be specified. If the book and sheet do not exist, they will be created on output.
  • Alternately, you can click the flyout button Gadget flyout button.png to the right of Result Worksheet Name and choose Sheet in Input Book. This fills the edit box with [<input>]Result. When you generate new output, results are output to a sheet named Result in the source book.

Fly-out Menu

Click the triangle button ROI menu.png at the top right corner of the ROI tool to open the menu. Menu commands include:

New Output Output results to the specified worksheet.
Go to Report Worksheet Activate the report worksheet.
Output to Clipboard When selected (menu item checked) New Output will be placed on the Clipboard.
Tag Points Tag the found intersection points in the ROI.
Change Data Change fitting data/plot. By default, all plots in current layer will be selected.
  • Clear the check marks in front of All Plots to deselect all.
  • Place a check mark in front of any plot to select that plot.
  • Click Select... or More... to open the Select Plot(s) dialog.
Expand to Full Plot(s) Range Expand the ROI to the full plot(s) range.
Save Theme Save the settings as a theme.
Save as <default> Save the settings as default theme.
Load Theme Load settings from a theme file.
Preferences Open the Intersect Preferences dialog.