The Goal Page

The Goal page is the first page of the Fitting Function Builder. You can choose to create or edit a User-defined fitting function in this page. Depending upon the chosen goal, subsequent pages of the Builder will display some minor differences.

Dialog Box Controls

Create a New Function Select the goal to create a new function. The function will be under the User Files Folder\ fitfunc folder.
Edit a User-defined Function Select this goal to edit a user-defined function. If there are user-defined functions under the User Files Folder\ fitfunc folder, the tool will generate a drop-down list with all the available user-defined function as options below the Edit a User-defined Function to allow you select one of them to edit. If there is no user-defined function in the folder, it will through a message to remind you that No User-defined functions found! Please create one first.

The Fitting Function Library App lets you browse for add-on fitting functions. This App is pre-installed in the latest versions of Origin. If you don't find a particular fitting function within Origin's built-in library, check to see if it is available for download from the OriginLab website. Launch the App by (1) clicking on the Goal page link or (2) go to your Apps Gallery docked to the right side of your workspace and click on the App icon.

FFB Goals FFLibrary Hint.png