27 Customization and Automation

By changing menus and toolbars, you can customize your own workspace in Origin. When you create an X-Function and set a proper category, Origin will show the X-Function on corresponding menu items. Besides, you can also use the Custom Menu Organizer to run your own functions.

Regarding the X-Functions, Origin provides the Theme mechanism to save your particular analysis settings and allow users to recall these themes both in analysis dialog and scripts. After you output analysis reports, the Recalculate option will detect any changed on source data and trigger the function you used and recalculate the results. With this feature, we can output the report worksheet in the same workbooks as source data, and save the workbook as Analysis Template. Then we can just reuse this analysis template by importing different data into it.

For advanced users, Origin also provides LabTalk Scripts and Origin C programming language for further customization. This chapter will talk about how to customize your workspace and perform automation analysis.

Topics covered in this section: