The (Column Properties) User Tree Tab

User Tree tab of the Column Properties dialog allows you to view and edit the user tree associated with the current column.

The Column Properties User Tree Tab01 92.png

To edit the user tree, right-click on a tree or a node and then select a desired command from the short-cut menu:


This command rename the name and label of the current tree or node. It opens the Rename Tree Node dialog box. Note that the tree or node name only supports letters and numbers. First character should be a letter.


This command deletes the current tree or node.

Add Tree

This command adds a user tree in this tab.

Add Node

Select this to add a new node under the current tree or node. It opens the Add Tree Node dialog box and allows you to specify the name, label and type of the node. Available types include Numeric, Text and Branch.

Note: the values of some nodes are not editable, for example, the nodes that are added automatically by importing. In this case, the values are displayed in blue.