29.14.1 Bridge Charts

Bridge Chart 01.png Bridge Chart 02.png
Bridge Chart
Stacked Bridge
Bridge Chart 03.png Bridge Chart 04.png
Stacked Total
Horiz-Bridge Chart

Data Requirements

Select one or more Y columns (or a range of one or more Y columns). If there is an associated X column, X column supplies X values; otherwise, sampling interval of the Y column or row number is used.

Users who need to condition their data may find the LabTalk diff() function to be useful.

Creating the Graph

Select desired data.

Select Plot> Statistical : Bridge Chart/Stacked Bridge/Stacked Total/Horiz-Bridge Chart.


(installed to the Origin program folder).






In the Plot Details dialog, there is a separate tab Bridge Chart which is used to control the bridge chart elements.

Additionally, in Origin Central (F11 or Help: Origin Central), you can find several graph samples showing how Origin supports Bridge Charts.