3.6.4 Predefined System Macros

When Origin starts up it predefines a number of system macros. The define commands for most of these macros are contained in *.CNF files (for example ORGSYS.CNF, MACROS.CNF, etc.) which can be found in the Origin software folder. You can re-define system macros, though it is not recommended because Origin uses them as well. At the very least, you should proceed with extreme caution when you modify a system macro so that no unintended consequences are created.

Some predefined system macros are specialized and are intended to only be used by Origin. Predefined macros that have no practical value to you, that are anachronistic, or that are not entirely functional are not documented in the following Help topics.

Some predefined macros may have practical value to you. These macros can be called by your own scripts:

ArrangeLayers DoButton GetEnumTempWks LSqFit QCLines
BeforeIterate DoMenu GetEnumWin MBar Rescale
BeginSave DocAfter GetEnumWks MvPts Separator
CheckMargins DocBegin GetNamedPlot New SetDataRange
CheckVar DocEnd GetNamedWin NewFunction SetXYOffset
CheckWksSelection Enlarger.Ctrl GetNamedWks NoYOffset TestColSet
ClearWorksheet FilterImport HelpMarker NotReady TimerError
Clr FormatFilterImport HideMarker OneQCLine Watch
ClrX GetCuvName IconizeNamedWks Pick1Pt XFBar