The NumberValue() function is similar to MS Excel's NUMBERVALUE function and is used to convert a string to a number. There are options for specifying decimal and numeric group separators when interpreting the string, thus allowing you to override OS regional settings.

The function can be used to return a single value (e.g. numbervalue("4,227", ",")=;) in which case the string should be enclosed in quotes; or it can take a vector of strings, in which case you do not need to enclose the vector in quotes (e.g. numbervalue(col(A), ",")).


double NumberValue( string str$ [, string Decimal$, string Group$] )



string or vector of strings and converts to numeric.


optional decimal separator to be used in interpreting how the string is to be converted.


optional group separator (thousands, etc.) to be used in interpreting how the string is to be converted.


Returns a numeric value or a vector of numeric values.


numbervalue("1,000.05")=; // returns 1000.05 (US regional settings)
round(numbervalue("1,000.05"),1)=; // returns 1000.1 (US regional settings)
numbervalue("5.000,0", ",", ".")=; // returns 5000 (US regional settings)
numbervalue(col(A))=; // returns a vector of numbers using regional settings to interpret format

See Also

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