This function is used to return the row index where x occurs in a strictly monotonic dataset, according to condition defined by ctrl.


double Index(double x, vector vdata[, int ctrl])



is any real number.


is the strictly monotonic vector data.


is used to control the index position, which has three options
  • 0(default) : Equal or closest
  • 1 : Equal or less than
  • 2 : Equal or greater than

For data which is monotonically decreasing, the meaning of 1 and 2 are reversed.


Returns the row index where x occurs in vdata according to the ctrl condition. If vdata is not strictly monotonic, has missing values or the data is text, the return value is -2.


for(ii=1;ii<32;ii++) col(1)[ii]=0.5*ii^2;
// Test for value that does not exist in the data
int ind0=Index(170,col(1));
int ind1=Index(170,col(1),1);
int ind2=Index(170,col(1),2);
ind0=; // Should return 18 since (170 - 162) < (180.5 - 170)
ind1=; // Should return 18 since 170 should occur before (less than) row 19
ind2=; // Should return 19 since 170 should occur after (greater than)row 18
// Test for value that does exist in the data
// We can also pass a range variable
range raData = col(1);
int ind0=Index(200,raData);
int ind1=Index(200,raData,1);
int ind2=Index(200,raData,2);
ind0=; // Should return 20
ind1=; // Should return 20
ind2=; // Should return 20

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