LabTalk Object Type:


The image object provides script access for exporting graphs to graphic files. It also provides script access for importing a raster graphic image file into a matrix and for exporting the matrix to a raster graphic image file.

Please see the impImage, expImage X-Function.


Property Access Description
image.fileName$ Read/write,

Use to specify the source and destination file name.

image.libError Read only,

Equals the last error that occurred in a third-party library. The image object is handled by the OIMG60 DLL. This DLL makes calls to third-party libraries. If an error occurs in a third party library then image.libError will be set to the error number returned by the third-party library.

image.showOptions Read/write,

Used to specify if the Options dialog box should be displayed when the image.export methods are called.


Method Description
image.getExtList(strVar, list)

Get a list of supported file extensions and put it into strVar. The extensions depend on the value of list. list can be one of the following: "EP" = Export Page "EM" = Export Matrix "IM" = Import Matrix "R" = Raster "V" = Vector Returns the number of extensions copied into strVar or -1 for error.


Test if the specified extension is a vector format. Returns 1 if format is vector, else 0.