1.28 X-Ray Diffraction Analysis (Pro)


This X-Ray Diffraction Analysis app can be used to do simple X-Ray diffraction analysis. A project file Reference Data.opju served as database of X-ray diffraction reference patterns is shipped with this app. You can add new reference patterns to this database. For detailed steps, please refer to Tips section on this page.


This tutorial uses App’s built-in sample project. To open this sample OPJU file:

  1. Right click the X-Ray Diffraction Analysis App icon in the Apps Gallery and choose Show Samples Folder.
  2. A folder will open. Drag-and-drop the project file Covalent Metrology LaB6 Public Domain Sample.opju from the folder onto Origin.
Notes: If you want to save the project after changing, it is recommended saving to a different folder location (e.g. User Files Folder).


  1. Plot a line curve of diffraction pattern from [Book1]Sheet1 (Plot: Basic 2D: Line').
  2. Activate the graph window and click X-Ray-Diffraction-Analysis App icon in the Apps Gallery to open the dialog.
  3. Select the reference pattern Covalent Metrology LaB6 reference'
  4. Check Normalize Reference Patterns checkbox
  5. Click Apply button to generate a new graph with reference patterns in green.
    X Ray Diffraction Analysis 1.png

    Click Cancel to exist the dialog.
  6. To change color to orange, activate the new created graph window and click X-Ray Diffraction Analysis App icon in the Apps Gallery to open the dialog again.
  7. Click the color button to the right of Covalent Metrology LaB6 reference and select orange color from the Color dialog that opens.
    X Ray Diffraction Analysis 2.png