2.57 Redlich-Kister Polynomial Fit


This Redlich-Kister Polynomial Fit app provides the convenience to perform Redlich-Kister polynomial fit easily.


  1. Import Polynomial Fit.dat in the <Origin EXE Folder>\Samples\Curve Fitting\ folder.
  2. Highlight Column A and B in the Worksheet, and click Redlich-Kister Polynomial Fit icon Redlich-Kister icon.png from the Apps panel of Origin to open the app's dialog box.
    Redlich-Kister 01.png
  3. In the dialog, set Number of R-K Terms (n) to 3. That is the value of n in the equation.
    Redlich-Kister 02.png
  4. Click OK button to output report sheet.
    Redlich-Kister 03.png