2.24 Global Peak Fit (Pro)


The Global Peak Fit app can be used to fit multiple peaks in multiple datasets with parameter sharing.


  1. Start this tutorial with the app Global Peak Fit installed. If you have not installed this app, please click Add Apps button in Apps Gallery to open App Center to search and install the app.
  2. Right-click on the app icon to select Show Sample Folder context menu to open the folder with sample project "GlobalFitSampleEx.opju". Drag-and-drop this project file into Origin workspace to open it.
    Global Peak Fit 01.png
  3. With col(B)~col(E) highlighted, click the app icon to open the app dialog.
    Global Peak Fit 02.png
    • Go to Inout Data tab, you can shift or stretch the input curve to make the peaks be aligned if the input instrument data has offset or compression. Hover the mouse on the Shift or Stretch cell to enter a value.
      Global Peak Fit 03.png
    • Go to Fit Control tab to select a fitting function for all peaks. Here, we select the default function "Gaussian".
      Global Peak Fit 04.png
    • Go to Fit Parameters tab, set Number of Peaks to 6 and then Parameter of Input Data to Data 1. Then six vertical lines will be placed on the six automatically-found peaks. You can remove the peak by right-clicking on the vertical line to select Remove; Double-click on any position on the graph to add a peak .
      Global Peak Fit 05.png
    • Peak centers of all datasets are between 900 and 1360. Set the Lower Bounds as 900 and Upper Bounds as 1360 to the first peak center "xc_1", then right-click the Lower bound or upper bound set and select Apply Same Bounds on All Datasets.
      Global Peak Fit 06.png
    • To set the 'w' parameter shared, check Share check box for paramter "w" for all peaks.
      Global Peak Fit 07.png
  4. Click Fit button to perfrom the global peak fit on all input dataset. Three result sheets will be created.
    Global Peak Fit 08.png