5.1 Color Editor


The Color Editor app can be used to:

  1. Load an existing Palette or Origin Color List (theme) file. Or enter your own data (see Create New Colors below).
  2. Modify colors using interpolation or reduction.
  3. Save colors to a Palette file (ASCII, Binary) or to a Origin Color List (theme) file.


  1. Click on the Color Editor icon Color Editor icon.png to open the workbook template. In this template, you can edit the R,G,B value for a color in Column A to C. The values should be in the range of 0 to 255.
    Note: Click the Instructions button to pop-up the Instructions Notes window for further help.
    Color Editor 01.png
  2. Click Load Color List button to load into <Origin program folder>\Themes\Color\Viridis.OTH
    Color Editor 02.png
  3. Click the Interpolate button to extend the number of colors. Enter 50 to No. of Colors, then click OK
    Color Editor 03.png
  4. You will get the new color list with 50 colors.
    Color Editor 04.png
  5. To reduce the number of color to 30, you can click the Interpolate button again, and then enter 30 to No. of Colors. Click OK.
    Color Editor 05.png
  6. At this time, the new color list with 30 colors.
    Color Editor 06.png
  7. Click Save Color List button to save this new color list as .oth file. The new color list file is saved in the User File folder (User Files\Themes\Graph\).