FAQ-887 Origin Central or App Center Fails to Open or Script Error Occurs

Last Update: 9/12/2017

If Origin Central or App Center fail to open; or a window opens entitled "Script Error" (see below) when you use an Origin feature or App, it is most likely caused by the Windows System file "mshtml.dll" being out-of-date or missing. This is typically only the case with older versions of Windows and is due to not keeping up with Windows Updates in a timely manner.


If an Origin App is causing the above window to open (indicating a Javascript error), first check to see if Origin Central will open (press F11 on your keyboard). If it opens, then the issue is not with "mshtml.dll"- it is most likely an issue with the App itself and the error should be reported to OriginLab Tech Support.

However, if Origin Central fails to open then "mshtml.dll" must be updated. One of the simplest methods to update "mshtml.dll" is to install the latest version of Internet Explorer applicable to your Windows version. Though Origin does not need Internet Explorer itself, it does need "mshtml.dll" and installing Internet Explorer will update that file.

NOTE: If installing Internet Explorer, there is no requirement to change your current default browser, for Origin to work correctly.

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