FAQ-850 How to set the font size to Number N just like that in Microsoft Office?

Last Update: 3/5/2017

When you work on a Chinese version of the Windows operating system, you may be asked to set the font size to Number N (字号), such as Five (五号) and Small Four (小四) in your materials.

The following table shows how to convert the Number N (字号) in Microsoft Office into the pound in Origin.

Pound Number N (字号)
42 Initial (初号)
36 Small Initial (小初)
26 One (一号)
24 Small One (小一)
22 Two(二号)
18 Small Two (小二)
16 Three (三号)
15 Small Three (小三)
14 Four (四号)
12 Small Four (小四)
10.5 Five (五号)
9 Small Five(小五)
7.5 Six (六号)
6.5 Small Six(小六)
5.5 Seven(七号)
5 Eight(八号)

For example, if you want to set the font size to Initial:

  1. Go and check the table above
  2. Find out the font size of Initial (初号) equal to the font size of 42 pounds in Origin
  3. Set the font size to 42 pounds for your text labels


Keywords:font size, Number N (字号), pound, Microsoft Office

Minimum Origin Version Required: Origin 2017 SR1