Project Explorer is a Windows Explorer like user interface inside Origin. It contains a folder/sub-folder structure used to organize and facilitate access to the graph, layout, matrix, note, and worksheet windows of an Origin project file.

The Folder class is used to access the methods and properties of Project Explorer and contains collections of all Origin pages and Project Explorer folders.

An Origin C Folder object is a wrapper object that is a reference to an internal Origin project explorer object. Origin C wrapper objects do not actually exist in Origin and merely refer to the internal Origin object. Consequently, multiple Origin C wrapper objects can refer to the same internal Origin object.


  • Folder



// List all page names in all first level subfolders of root folder
void    Folder_Folder_Ex1()
    Folder fld, fldSub;
    fld = Project.RootFolder;
    PageBase pb;

    foreach(fldSub in fld.Subfolders)
        // Display the names of the subfolders of root
        printf( "Folder name = %s\n", fldSub.GetName() );
        foreach(pb in fldSub.Pages)
            // Display the name of the page:
            printf( "\tPage name = %s\n", pb.GetName() );


// List all folders and windows in a heirachical structure with window details
// Note the additional support functions:
//        Folder_DisplayFolderAndPages
//        Folder_DisplayInfo
//        Folder_InfoDump
// variable (iLevel) and define (repeattab)
void    Folder_Folder_Ex2()
    Folder        fld = Project.RootFolder;
    printf( "%s\\\n", fld.GetName() );
// This variable handles the indent level for printout
static    int    iLevel = 0;
// Macro that prints indent for each level - a sequence of four spaces here
#define    repeattab    for( int ii = 1 ; ii <= iLevel ; ii++) printf("    ");
// Function that is called recursively to walk the folder tree structure
void    Folder_DisplayFolderAndPages(Folder    fld)
    Folder        fldSub;
    PageBase    pb;
    foreach(pb in fld.Pages)
        // Display the name of the page:
        printf( "%s", pb.GetName() );
    foreach(fldSub in fld.Subfolders)
        // Display the name of the current subfolder
        printf( "%s\\\n", fldSub.GetName() );
        Folder_DisplayFolderAndPages(fldSub); // and recursively call
// Display the window type
void    Folder_DisplayInfo(PageBase    pb)
    switch( pb.GetType() )
    case 2:
        printf(" - Worksheet ");
    case 3:
        printf(" - Graph ");
    case 5:
        printf(" - Matrix ");
    case 9:
        printf(" - Notes ");
    case 11:
        printf(" - Layout ");
    case 12:
        printf(" - Excel ");
        printf(" - Unknown Type\n");
// Display information about the window
void    Folder_InfoDump(PageBase    pb)
    PageSystemInfo    info; // Structure to receive page info
    bool    bVal = pb.GetPageSystemInfo(&info);
    if(pb.GetShow()) printf("(Hidden)"); else printf("(Visible)");
    printf(", Created %s", get_date_str(info.dCreated, LDF_YYMMDD_AND_HHMMSS_SEPARCOLON));
    printf(", Modified %s", get_date_str(info.dModified, LDF_YYMMDD_AND_HHMMSS_SEPARCOLON));
    printf(", Size %u", info.nSize);
    if( pb.GetType() != 9 && pb.GetType() != 11 ) printf(", %u Dependents", info.nDependents);

Header to Include




Name Brief Example
Activate Make a folder the active folder Examples
AddFolder Create a Subfolder and Add it to given folderPath. Examples
AddShortcut Adds a shortcut to the given page to the Folder Examples
AddSubfolder Create a subfolder by name Examples
Attach Attach or re-attach an existing folder object to a named instance Examples
Folder Default folder constructor Examples
GetComments Get the comments of specified folder Examples
GetFolder Return a folder object from its name Examples
GetFolderInfo Get property info of folder,such as size,type,location .etc. Examples
GetIndex Get index of calling folder object Examples
GetIndexInPageAndShortcuts Get page index in folder. Examples
GetName Get the name of a folder Examples
GetParent Get the parent folder of a folder object Examples
GetPath Return full path of active folder as string Examples
HasShortcut Finds out if the Folder contains a shortcut to the given page Examples
IsRootFolder Check if the folder object is the root folder. Examples
IsValid Check if the folder object is valid Examples
Move Move a folder or window Examples
Pages Get a page object from the Pages collection Examples
PagesAndShortcuts Get a page object from the Pages and Shortcts collection Examples
RemoveShortcut Remove the shortcut to the given page in the folder Examples
RemoveSubFolder Delete a subfolder by name Examples
Rename Rename a folder Examples
SaveAsProject Save a folder as an Origin project file Examples
SetComments set comments to folder Examples


Name Brief Example
Pages Access Pages as a collection Examples
PagesAndShortcuts Access Pages and Page shortcuts as a collection Examples
Subfolders Access subfolders as a collection Examples