Stacked Radial Plot


Stacked Radial Plot.png

Data Requirements

Select one X column and more than one Y columns.

Creating the Graph

Select Plot > Specialized : Stacked Radial Plot.


StackedRadial.otpu (installed in the Origin program folder).


  • This template considers the X axis to decide what of scale used for polar angles. E.g. if user choose date X, or numeric x, it should be able to plot it as a circle.
  • The additional line position is decided by menu, it should be R = minimum value of all y columns.
  • In the Stack tab of Plot Details, Stack Offset is constant, calculated by menu and base on ("maximum value of all y columns" - "Additional line value")*(1+10%). The Custom Additional Line by Relative Position has been checked.
  • The Units of Angular Scale is custom, Circle Start Value & From = minimum of all X, Circle End Value & To = maximum of all X + 1.
  • Fill the area under curves from their base.
  • The Scale From of Radial axis is the minimum value of all y columns.
  • The Begin point and End point have been connected for all lines.