2.58 Tangential Baseline (Pro)


The Tangential Baseline app can be used to to create a tangential baseline for DSC data according to start and end positions for linear segments around each peak.


  1. Start this tutorial with the app Tangential Baseline installed. If you have not installed this app, please click Add Apps button in Apps Gallery to open App Center to search and install the app.
  2. Right-click on the app icon to select Show Sample Folder context menu to open the folder with sample project "TBaselineEx.opju". Drag-and-drop this project file into Origin workspace to open it.
    Tangential Baseline 01.png
  3. Make the graph with DSC curve active. Click on the Tangential Baseline app icon in the Apps Gallery window. A dialog with five buttons will appear.
    Tangential Baseline 02.png
  4. Click the first Add Markers button. Double click on a peak. Two cursors will appear around the peak.
    Tangential Baseline 03.png
  5. Drag two cursors to the start and end locations for linear segments around the peak. If the curve includes multiple peaks, click Add Markers button several times to add a pair of cursors for each peak.
    Tangential Baseline 04.png
  6. Click the second Create/Update Baseline button. A tangential baseline will be shown in the graph.
    Tangential Baseline 05.png
  7. To adjust the baseline, besides moving cursors of linear segments for each peak, click the third Settings button. In the opened dialog, Number of Points to Fit Linear Segment can determine to use how many points to fit each linear segment around each peak. Maximum Number of Iterations and Tolerance are used to specify when to terminate the iteration of tangential baseline.
    Tangential Baseline 06.png
  8. Click the fourth OK button. The tangential baseline will be created in the graph. In the Project Explorer window, double-click on the hidden workbook for the created baseline, column C includes the data for baseline subtracted curve.
    Tangential Baseline 07.png