1.12 Means Plot


This Means Plot app can be used to create 2D means-with-error plot for grouped data.


  1. With a worksheet window activated, select Data: Connect to File: Text/CSV in the menu to import the sample file <Origin program folder>\Samples\Samples\Statistics\body.dat.
  2. Set Column B as X by Mini Toolbar button.
    Means Plot 01.png
  3. Highlight Column B and E, and then click on Means Plot icon Means Plot icon.png from the Apps panel.
  4. In the dialog, set X Variable as Categorical. Select Column C gender as the Group. Then click OK
    Means Plot 02.png
  5. A report sheet and a report data sheet will be created. A Means Plot graph created is embedded in the report sheet.
    Means Plot 03.png