1.20 2D Smoother

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The 2D Smoother app lets you perform smoothing of XY data plots on a graph. The App can operate on a single data plot, or on multiple data plots by internally combining the data.


Start this tutorial with the app 2D Smoother installed. If you have not installed this app, please click Add Apps button in Apps Gallery to open App Center to search and install the app. And, download this sample file and open it in Origin.

Now, we are going to use this app to complete three tasks in the sample project you just download.

Smooth a Curve

  1. Choose the subfolder "Smooth" in the Project Explorer to open the source graph "Graph3". Here we have a scatter plot of variable temperatures for one year. Iet's add a smoothed line to the scatter plot.
    2D Smoother 01.png
  2. Click the app icon to open 2D Smoother. Switch to the last tab Smoothed Line.
    2D Smoother 02.png
  3. Change the line color to dark blue and set Smoothing Method to Lowess.
    2D Smoother 03.png
  4. Click OK button. Not only is the curve added to the graph but the xy dataset for the smoothed line is added to a new worksheet.
    2D Smoother 04.png

Fit Single Dataplot

  1. Choose the subfolder "Connect or Fit Single Dataplot" in the Project Explorer to open the source graph "Smoothing Example". As you can see, we have a multi-axis graph where each dataset plots on a different layer. We are going to add trendline to the curve in second layer.
  2. Click the layer icon of layer 2 to activate the plot in it. And then, click app icon to open the app.
  3. Swicth to the Trendline tab. Set Trend Type to Polynomial and Order to 4.
    2D Smoother 05.png
  4. Click OK button. A result XY dataset, a red trendline and a polynomial function will be added.
    2D Smoother 06.png

Combine Two Dataplots and Add one Trendline

  1. Choose the subfolder "Combine Dataplots" in the Project Explorer to open the source graph "Graph2". This graph has three datasets plotted in one layer. Now let's add a trendline that combines the versicolor and virginica datasets.
  2. Click the app icon to open the app, turn on Combine&Sort switch and select "Versicolor" and "Virginica" curve. Go to Trendline tab, keep the default setting.
    2D Smoother 07.png
  3. Click OK button to add a trendline for two curves sorted and combined.
    2D Smoother 08.png