2.7 Import and Export

Origin provides a collection of Import and Export X-Functions

Name Brief Example
batchProcess Batch processing with Analysis Template to generate summary report Examples
expASC Export worksheet data as ASCII file Examples
expExcel Export worksheet data as Excel file
expGraph Export graph(s) to graphics file(s) Examples
expG2img Export graph as a raster image file.
expG2video Export graph as a raster file
expImage Export the active Image into a graphics file Examples
expMatASC Export matrix data as ASCII file Examples
expMatNC Export matrix data as NetCDF file
expm2video Export matrix objects as an image stack
expNITDM Export workbook data as National Instruments TDM and TDMS files
expPDFw Export worksheet as multipage PDF file Examples
expSQLite Export worksheet(s) as SQLite file
expWAV Export data as Microsoft PCM wave file Examples
expWks Export the active sheet as raster or vector image file Examples
expXML Export the active sheet as XML file
expXLS Export Workbook to Excel
img2GIF Export the active Image into a gif file
impASC Import ASCII file/files. Examples
impBin2d Import binary 2d array file Examples
impBRUKER Import BRUKER OPUS and BRUKER NanoScope files Examples
impCDF Import CDF file. It supports the file version lower than 3.0. Examples
impCSV Import csv file Examples
impDT Import Data Translation Version 1.0 files Examples
impEDF Import EDF(EDF+,BDF,REC,HYP) files. Examples
impEP Import EarthProbe (EPA) file. Now only EPA file is supported for EarthProbe data. Examples
impExcel Import Excel XLS files directly and import Excel XLSX files and XLSM files with COM component. Examples
impFamos Import Famos files Examples
impFile Import file with pre-defined filter. Examples
impFileSel Store the file structure before import in a Labtalk tree variable. Examples
impHDF5 Import HDF5 file. File versions below 1.8.2 supported. Examples
impImage Import image file into a new Matrix window Examples
impISF Import Tektronix ISF file Examples
impJCAMP Import JCAMP-DX Version 6 files Examples
impJNB Import SigmaPlot (JNB) file. It supports SigmaPlot 8.0 or lower version. Examples
impKG Import KaleidaGraph file Examples
impMDF Import ETAS INCA MDF (DAT, MDF) files. Version INCA 5.4 supported (file version 3.0). Examples
impMNTB Import Minitab file (MTW) or project (MPJ). It supports the version prior to Minitab 13. Examples
impMSExcel Import Excel (XLS, XLSX....) files directly into Origin, without the need for Excel. Examples
impMZXML Import MZXML file.
impMatlab Import Matlab files Examples
impNIDIAdem Import National Instruments DIAdem 10.0 dat files Examples
impNITDM Import National Instruments TDM and TDMS files(TDMS does not support data/time format) Examples
impNetCDF Import netCDF file. It supports the file version not higher than 4.0. Examples
impNetCDFEx Import netCDF file. It supports the file version lower than 4.01. Examples
impODQ Import *.ODQ files.
impOPJ Import Origin Project files (OPJ, ORG, OGW). Examples
impPrism Import GraphPad Prism file.
impSAS Import SAS files Examples
impSPC Import Thermo File Examples
impSPE Import Princeton Instruments (SPE) file. It supports the version prior to 2.5. Examples
impSPSS Import SPSS File. Examples
impHEKA Import HEKA (dat) files
impIgorPro Import WaveMetrics IgorPro (pxp, ibw) files
impinfo Read information related to import files. Examples
imppClamp Import pCLAMP file. It supports pClamp 9 (ABF 1.8 file format) and pClamp 10 (ABF 2.0 file format). Examples
impSIE Import nCode Somat SIE 0.92 file
impWav Import waveform audio file
insertImg2g Insert graphic file(s) into Graph Window.
Imgstack Connect multiple image files to one Image window.
Iwfilter Make/edit a import filter.
pclampplotcontrol Plot control of pCLAMP
plotpClamp Plot pClamp data Examples
reimport Re-import current file
cloneimport Clone workbook by importing data from other similar files
copyimg Copy to clipboard without using OLE
copypic Copy Page as Picture