2.5 Graph Manipulation

Name Brief Example
add_graph_to_graph Paste a graph from existing graphs as an EMF object onto a layout window. Example
add_table_to_graph Add a linked table to a graph or a layout. Example
add_wks_to_graph Paste a worksheet from existing worksheets onto a layout window.
add_xyscale_obj Add a new XY Scale object to the layer.
addline Draw a vertical or horizontal line on the active layer of the active graph window.
axis_scrollbar Add a scrollbar object to graph to allow easy zooming and panning. Example
axis_scroller Add a pair of inverted triangles to the bottom X-Axis that allows easy rescaling
g2layout Add selected graph windows into a new layout. Example
g2w Move graphs into worksheet.
gxy2w For a given X value, find all Y values from all curves and add them as a row to a worksheet.
gfitp Adjust all the layers to have tight fit to page
insert_wks_to_layer Insert a worksheet to a graph layer as either table object or bitmap (BMP object).
insert_graph_to_layer Insert a graph window to a graph window or a layout page as a BMP object.
label_layer Add labels to layers in a graph
layadd Create a new layer on the active graph.
layalign Align some destination layers according to the source layer.
layarrange Arrange the layers on the graph. Example
laycolor Fill layer background color. Example
laycopyscale Copy scale from one layer to another layer.
layextract Extract specified layers to separate graph windows. Example
laylink Link several layers to a layer.
laymanage Manage the organization of layers in the active graph.
laymplot Move plot to another layer in current graph window.
laymxn Change a graph to m*n layers
laysetfont Fix the display scaling of text in the layer(s) to one.
laysetpos Set position of one or more graph layers.
laysetratio Set ratio of layer width to layer height.
laysetscale Set axes scales for graph layers.
laysetunit Set unit for graph layers.
layswap Swap the positions of two graph layers.
laytoggle Toggle the left axis and bottom axis on and off.
layzoom Center zooms on layer.
legendbox Create/update legend for box chart components.
legendcat Create/update legend for categorical values.
legendupdate Update Legend. Example
merge_graph Merge Graph Windows. Example
mg2layout Merge Graphs to Layout.
newinset Create a new graph page with insets.
newpanel Create a new graph with panels.
palApply Apply Palette to Color Map. Example
pfit2l Expand the page to encompass all the layers
pickpts Pick XY data points from a 2D graph. Example
speedmode Set speed mode properties. Example
OpenBinWks Create or open bin worksheet for histogram plot